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Our Principles

#1 – Export development for free!

There are companies asking for a cooperation based only on commission. In other words, they expect somebody else to bear their export development costs! Unless you are Coca Cola or Apple, we cooperate only with companies, which understand that they have to invest in their export development and which are highly interested to achieve sustainable and valuable export results through the cooperation with strong specialists.

#2 – Optimal preparation is the key of success!

Rushing into buyer contacts without an optimal preparation and a strong export organization, cost a lot of money, precious time and leads to irreversible failures. Once a buyer has evaluated your proposal as not interesting and weak, it is almost impossible to change his mind in the future. Most probably he won´t even talk to you again. For this reason we don’t start buyer contacts before we have run all necessary preparation and secured the required export readiness. At the end, this approach is the shortest path to your export success.

#3 – We have a good product – is not enough!

The claim of a good product is not enough anymore to get the buyers attention, especially in major, mature markets. All suppliers claim the same. What is asked, are innovative, strong cooperation propositions, with value added services on top. We develop such propositions for you!

#4 – With just a first contact, no buyer in the world will place an order!

Buyers of big companies receive presentations and propositions every day and they don´t even read it! To start export sales you have first to start a personal relationship and to create a valuable awareness of your company proving that you are not an amateur chasing quick shots. We create such a valuable awareness of your company in the markets, with a professional, systematic and constant buyer communication.